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Fan Art For And From Cryptida!
We'll Always Have Buranda!
20th Feb 2021, 12:00 AM in Childhood's End & Playground
Author Notes:
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Breaking my own rules # 2!

As mentioned earlier, I usually consider artwork for the ComicFury Crossover Exchanges to be non-canon.
(I tend to write my OCs in these to be in-character though, thus Crossover Exchange pieces can nevertheless be valid references for their personalities!)

However, my piece for the 2020 Halloween Crossover Exchange is an exception.
It tells the backstory of Ingi, and thus I am including it here as "supplementary material" to Playground.

The comic I got assigned for this crossover was Kaza's Mate Gwenna - a comic with which I already had canon crossover points, some of them even within Playground itself, via several background characters created by KMG author Jay042.
A major part of this Crossover Exchange are therefore the Adventurer's Club and its owner Nick DeForrest. And also none other than Gwenna herself is appearing here.
Additionally, I threw in Eric Macdonald from the LIR-verse into the mix, referencing this 30 Days of Characters piece by lirvilas.

Also, similarities to a certain movie from 1942 are... not entirely coincidental! ;-)