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The Collins Family Tree
The Collins Family Tree
19th Oct 2017, 9:42 AM in Fan Art By Me For Other Comics
Author Notes:
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I was one of the character contributors to POW! Right in the Nostalgia's Vacation Aggravation storyline, for which we each had to design members of Chase and Claire Collins' family for a huge family reunion.

Since I and almost everyone else each had also connected our creations to characters already established in our own respective comics, I thought it would be fun to visualize all the implied webcomic crossovers via a family tree.

This tree shows characters created by:
MST3KFan, author of POW! Right in the Nostalgia (light green),
Jay042 author of Kaza's Mate, Gwenna (dark green)
TheMario360, author of Thomas & Zachary (blue)
azureXtwilight, author of The Seventh Re:Set (purple)
ProfEtheric, author of Autumn Bay (black)
Fabian W., author of Cryptida (yellow; that's me!)